PerryIowa.netThe domain "Perryiowa.net" was initially purchased to give me a custom email address. I later decided to go ahead and host a website on it. If you have visited the site in recent years, you may remember a forum being here. The forum became annoying to upkeep so I shut this site down for awhile.

In April of 2015 I decided to try and make it a useful site again. It's now back in a simpler blog format. The main content of the site will be a picture archive. It will also contain my personal blog. I hope to add other resources as time goes by.

This website was built using Bolt, design and content by Michael.

About Michael:

Michael is a local resident who has lived here most of his life. He lived in Des Moines for 5 years at one point, but was born in Perry and has currently resided here for about 10 years. He works in the IT field at a local business.

More later....

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